Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The islands of Lindøya and Gressholmen in Oslofjord

As Spring has come to Norway, we've enjoyed taking the small ferry that transports passengers to the islands in Oslofjord.  Just a few minutes from City Hall and the busy downtown area, the islands are quiet, rural, and peaceful. Recently, we've visited Lindøya and Gressholmen.  Lindøya is my personal favorite.  Many small hytte (cabins) line the coast, but the shoreline is public for everyone's enjoyment.  One feels like you've stepped back in time, as there are no paved roads on the island and no cars. The interior of the island is a nature preserve. 

The walkway connects a tiny island to the main one.  There are some picnic tables there and we ate our simple packed lunch at one of them.

The water is wonderfully clear on a nice day.

Here's another walkway to a small island where there is a swimming dock and showers to wash away the salt after your swim in the sea.

At one point we came across two adult geese.  The male began hissing at us quite aggressively.  We avoided him and suspected there must be babies nearby.  Though we never saw his young, we saw several other geese families on shore and in the water later on. A beautiful sight.

Gressholmen had wonderful views too.  It is not an island with cabins, but has hiking trails. I refer to the island as Gressholman because that's the name of the ferry stop; however, there are three islands that are connected:  Gressholman, Heggholmen, and Rambergøya. A prominent feature of Heggholmen is its lighthouse which looks like a church.

Time to head back to  Oslo.  People in the plaza along the harbor are out enjoying the warm weather.

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