Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Centre

Our time here in Norway this school year is in large part possible because of the Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.  The exact translation from the Norwegian is "Center for Pure Research." Here's a link to their website, should you be interested: http://www.cas.uio.no. This is where Sten has an office this year, and where he meets with the team of annual research fellows he's a part of.  The building is on Drammensveien in Oslo, between the Russian and Brazilian embassies, and the windows on one side look over to Oslofjord.  Here are a few photos from the outside of the building.  

The building was converted from the private home of a prominent businessman in the previous century, and has offices for the scholars on the top and bottom floors.  The middle floor is beautifully appointed with artwork and furnishings to host social events and larger gatherings.  Here are some views of where Sten has his office space.

 On the hallway walls, photos of the research group members are posted.

And here are some of the spaces on the middle floor. The large portrait in the sitting room is of the original owner whose name I don't recall. I understand he made his fortune in dried, salted cod.

Mange takk til Sentret for Grunnforskning. 
Thank you to the Center for Advanced Studies.  We are most grateful for its generous support.

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