Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tyrifjord Visit

Back in September, we were invited by good friends to visit them for the weekend. Their home is about an hour's drive from Oslo, near Tyrifjord Videreg√•ende Skole -- a secondary school operated by our church in Norway.  A number of years ago, one of our sons worked there for two years as a task force worker; and subsequently, another son studied there for two years and graduated from this high school/junior college.  We visited several times while our sons were each there, and we always enjoyed the tranquil setting of the school.

The weather was absolutely perfect that weekend, and we spent a relaxing afternoon out on the water in our friend's boat.  

The water was like a mirror.

The buildings on the hillside are the school. What a view they have!

Being on the water made us hungry, and our hosts provided for us all beautifully.

A leisurely afternoon on the water, followed by a delicious supper with Norwegian waffles.  What could be better?  Thank you, Gunnar and Tove, for a wonderful weekend.

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