Saturday, June 6, 2015

Girls Night Out on Nakholmen

During the past 9 months, I've really enjoyed being included in a longtime group of U.K. women friends here in Oslo.  They are all "lifers" (their own designation) in that they've lived most of their lives in Norway, having married Norwegian husbands and raised their families here. For years, they have gathered once a month or so, usually in various of their homes, to socialize with refreshments and tea,  and to discuss topics of mutual interest. Smaller groups sometimes get together for lunch as well.  The women are in my age demographic, from various professions, and delightful to get to know.

This past week, one beautiful evening, eight of us took the ferry to Nakholmen, another of the islands in Oslofjord, for a walk, a picnic, and good conversation.  One of the group has family that own a small hytte (cottage) there which we used as our base.

On my way to the ferry dock, I passed through the square in front of the City Hall.  A group of Buddhist monks were taking photos with this "gold man" levitating.  Pretty clever trick, don't you think?

Here's our group on the ferry.  The weather was perfect.

Thank you, Roots friends, for a delightful time on Nakholmen and for being so welcoming to me during this time in Oslo.  I appreciate the friendship of each one of you.

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