Friday, June 12, 2015


When taking the small ferry boat between Bygdøy and Oslo city center, one can't help but notice a castle-like building with its single tower showing above the other houses and buildings near the shore.  It is Oscarshall, the summer castle built in the mid 1800s by King Oscar and Queen Josephine. It has never been lived in by the royals for more than a few days, and in 1881 was opened to the public as a museum.  Now it is owned by the Norwegian state and is at the King's disposal for events, but is open during the summer for tours.  I was able to take one of these recently.  Photos are not permitted of the interior of the building, which has most all the original furnishings, finishes, and artwork; however, the exterior and its gardens are also beautiful. The lilacs were at their peak, and the day was glorious.

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