Monday, September 8, 2014

Our apartment

When I arrived in Oslo, Sten was there to meet me and we took the train and then a taxi to our apartment.  Here's the welcoming entrance.

Our apartment is clean, cozy, charming and has everything we need.  Here's our living room/dining room -- first looking in from the windows, and then looking toward the windows.

  We both love sitting in this chair.


This is the enclosed garden our windows all look out on.  

There's an old pear tree
 that is full of wonderful pears
 to pick and eat.

And we have lots of places to sit outside.

Here is the kitchen. The stove top is touch activated. It took me a little while to get used to that. I tried to take a photo of the controls,  but everything reflects on the black, shiny surface, so it's impossible.  We still have to read up on how to use the oven.

This is our bedroom -- tiny but with lots of storage space.  We each have a door to enter, because the room is only as deep as our bed.  The first photo is looking at the room from my side, the second one from Sten's side. We rather like each having our own duvet.

And finally, here's our second bedroom.  
I use the desk for my office space, although we both work at the dining table too.

I almost forgot the bathroom/laundry.  

There is no electric or gas-powered dryer like we have at home;
 but there is a folding drying rack and a drying closet 
which can be heated for drying things in the winter.

So that's home for us for the next ten months.  Cozy,  don't you think?

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