Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Walk to Work

Sten usually walks to work, and I accompany him most of the way. On rainy days, he can take the bus, but so far the walk has been a delight.  It's such a peaceful, calming walk, considering that his office is not far from the city center. The first half of his walk is on a path available only to foot traffic and bicycles. We walk through pastures and woods in Kongsgården which begins a couple of blocks from our apartment. Kongsgården is land owned by the Norwegian government that is made available to the King for a summer residence as well as for a model working farm. The cattle are pasture fed and are the epitome of health.

Once you exit Kongsgården the path runs next to the main roadway into the city, following along the shore of Oslofjord.  The forest of trees is replaced with a forest of sailboat masts.

The path for pedestrians is closest to the water, then comes the biking path, and finally the motorway. Many commuters are on bikes, and a few even on roller skis.

Eventually, it´s time for Sten to cross the roadway and enter the streets of the city for the last third of his walk.  

I return home, having had a great start to the day.

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