Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vedbæk Visit -- Part 2: The Joy of Walks

Walks around Vedbæk are fun because there are endless paths to explore.  We try to get in at least one long walk every day we're there, rain or shine.  Let me take you along and show you some of what we saw along the way. I just had to photograph the fleeting beauty of these leaves.  I'm guessing by now, they're gone for this year.

Usually the area in front of the train station looks like this, but every so often it's the site of a local flea market and looks like the following photo.  We had fun looking at what was up for sale -- much the same as flea markets at home, though with a Danish twist.  Tempting price, so I had to remind myself that we pay for overweight in luggage when we fly home, which quickly adds up.

Turning left at the train station, we quickly come to one of the wonderful walking paths.  Many are paved and go through beautiful wooded areas or along agricultural lands.

One walking path leads by the local church yard cemetery.  I'm not sure how typical this is of Denmark, but here the plots are divided by hedges.  It appears that a lot of individuality is permitted in how the little "gardens" are developed.  Some are very simple with a grave marker; others are more  cultivated and planted with trees and shrubs.

Aren't they beautiful? The chapel is next to the cemetery as are watering cans for keeping up the gardens.  We found the place very peaceful, and we liked the idea of a small private garden as a burial plot.

Around the corner from the church and cemetery is this burial mound.  It's obviously a crypt for some rather important people, but there aren't any signs or markings to identify it.  Interesting what one sees when exploring on foot, isn't it?

The entrance and the view inside.

I'd say it's a pretty ostentatious burial to be unmarked, wouldn't you?  

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