Friday, November 7, 2014

Vedbæk Visit -- Part 1: The town

Sten and I visited the community of Vedbæk, just north of Copenhagen recently.  We were able to spend time with family, celebrate some birthdays, eat delicious food, take some long walks, and enjoy the delights of Denmark. Let me share some photos of this charming area. Vedbæk is right along the coast of the North Sea.

Here's Sten with Lady, our canine niece, walking along the coastal road.

The marina is filled with boats of many varieties.

This time of year, many are being removed for the winter.  Just left of the green mast in the center of this photo, you'll see a boat hoisted by a crane on its way to dry docking.

The houses are charming -- some with thatched roofs, others with tile. Most homes have a 
walled, fenced, or hedged yard that gives privacy from the street.

I particularly like the natural stick/twig fences.  They look hand made, 
but I'm not sure they are as they're just too perfect.

Maybe this one is hand made. Notice the uneven top edge.  Sorry for the blur.

The main street has a wonderful bakery,  a grocer with fresh produce visible from the street, 
and the train station. I like how there are hooks outside of shops for you to leave your dog on its leash while you shop for the day's groceries.

As everywhere in Denmark, bicycles are frequently used for transportation.  The trains have space for you to bring your bike along with you, and stairs accommodate your bike on the incline.

Even the mail carrier uses a bike for transportation.  Her vehicle has motor assist, though she told us she'd prefer to only pedal for the exercise.  She has a pocketful of dog treats to befriend any canines she meets along her way.  Lady was charmed by her, as you can imagine.

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  1. Asta, the photos and commentary are very special. I love seeing Vedbaek through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your special time with family.