Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vedbæk Visit -- Part 3: Events

It's amazing how much we fit into those days in and around Vedbæk.  Sten's mother and brother met us at the airport and we drove to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Our evening started with a wonderful multi-course dinner followed by a concert by the Russian pianist Grigory Sokolov playing Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin.  Though the composers are well-known, the repertoire was not familiar to any of us; however, the pieces were beautiful and were masterfully and sensitively performed.

My mother-in-law just delighted in seeing her two sons together.

The original impetus for the trip was to celebrate some family birthdays.  Our oldest son and Sten's brother share the same birth date, and a few days earlier my sister-in-law has her birthday. Everyone helped with the meal preparations. Our nephews set the table. The table cloth is one which was  hand-embroidered by the older of these two for his parents' anniversary. Isn't it beautiful! The color-selections used makes the flowers very life-like.

Our nieces were in charge of making the salad and putting the dessert together.  My sister-in-law planned and prepared (with a little help from the rest of us) the remainder of the delicious meal --  steamed artichokes with a creamy dipping sauce, roasted chestnuts, lamb, roasted root vegetables -- potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and Jerusalem artichokes, a vegetarian entree, and salad. The layered almond cake was filled with custard, whipping cream, raspberries, and blueberries. Everything was delicious and eaten slowly with lots of joyful celebration and great conversation in a mix of Danish, Norwegian, and English. Hot drinks and chocolates from both Norway and Denmark topped everything off.

The day we were to leave in the afternoon, Sten and I took a long walk to a neighboring town where Sten's brother and mother met us for an afternoon tea at a favorite historic restaurant next to a lake and in an interesting small village. It was a comfortable Fall day, so in good Nordic style, we sat outside with blankets over us.

We each enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa and what in Denmark is called "apple cake."  It's very popular and delicious, but not what we normally think of as "cake."  Rather, it's layers of sweetened crumbs (like you might use in a crust of a cheese cake), apple sauce, and whipped cream.  Its Danish name is   tilsløret bondepige which translates "veiled peasant girl." Here's the view from where we sat.

After leaving the restaurant, we drove to a neighboring town where a gallery was hosting an exhibit of one of my favorite painters, Carl Larsson.  In all fairness, I think the exhibit ought to include the names of both Carl and Karin Larsson since much of her weaving and design was featured as well as Carl's wondering paintings.  The title of the exhibit, "Det gode liv," translates as "The Good Life" and features Carl's paintings and decor from their family home in Sundborn in the Swedish province of Dalarna. I didn't take a lot of photos but thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm not sure if this is Carl's actual bed, or if it's a replica, but I think it's very cozy. Karin designed and made the curtains for the bed.  She also designed and made the table runner and designed the clever plant stand.  I wouldn't mind to have a similar one filled with plants framing one of my windows at home. 

Tusen takk, Tormod og Jette, for et hyggelig besøk.  
Thank you, Tormod and Jette, for a wonderful visit.

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