Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Weekend in Sørlandet -- Part 1: Setesdal

A few weekends back, we boarded the train early Friday afternoon and headed for Kristiansand in the south of Norway (Sørlandet).  Sten's mother's family is from this area of the country, and we had been invited to spend the weekend with a cousin and her husband. We always have much in common and we had a great time visiting, cooking, and eating together as well as experiencing some beautiful places.  They drove us up to the southern end of Setesdal where they have a hytte (cabin) -- a typical Norwegian place to enjoy the out-of-doors. We also saw some wonderful places along the Southern coast which I'll show in Part 2 of this post. Here are some photos of our day in Setesdal, first some scenery from the drive to the hytte.

Yes, those are sheep in the photo below. 

The sod roof is seen quite often in this area. I really like it.

Here's the cabin we visited. It has such a rustic, yet comfortable charm. 

Sten with his cousin and her husband.  Such delightful people!

 Don't you just love this cozy bed?

  I felt so relaxed by the warmth of the wood fire, the cozy surroundings, the peaceful company, and the quietness of the woods. 

After a brief nap, we enjoyed some Norwegian waffles, 
fruit preserves, apples, nuts, and a hot drink.  
What could be better?

As you can see, Fall was just beginning.

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