Monday, October 27, 2014

Foggy Morning Walk

There have been some foggy mornings this Fall in Oslo.  Mornings where my hair frizzes when we walk outside because there's close to 100% humidity, but it's not really raining.  One of these weekend mornings we walked to Huk Badestrand (bathing beach).  We both enjoy the sea, but for different reasons. For Sten, his attraction to the sea is not just for its beauty or for swimming in it. Seeing the large ocean liners takes him back to watching them as a child living in Oslo, and he still finds it absolutely thrilling to see these huge vessels arriving from and leaving for Copenhagen and other ports. I've discovered that he knows the schedule of when they can be expected to go by.  More than one walk has been extended considerably because we just have to wait to watch the ocean liner from first sighting to when it passes us by. Here's what we saw that morning. 

 See that shape on the horizon just to the right of center in this photos?  

Now you can begin to see what it is.

That's Sten on the landing to the left.

There it goes, into the harbor at the end of Oslofjord.

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