Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Evening at the Opera House

The Opera House in Oslo is an amazing, unique building constructed at the head of the Oslofjord.  Its ramp-like white granite and marble roof appears to rise up out of the water.  The ramps allow the public, whether opera lovers or not, access to the building.  And the views in all directions are stunning, especially at sunset.  We've been fortunate to be there to view a spectacular sunset several times now.

Here's the beginning of the first ramp up.

And on the other side heading up.  

This is taken from the highest level looking back to where the ramp comes up on the right.

And now looking the other direction at the last climb to the top level.  The man in the foreground has set up his camera to take a timer photo.

Here is the sunset; first at its peak of color,

 and then as it sinks lower and lower into the horizon.

We had t take a couple of photos to prove we were there.

The ship-like sculpture in the harbor is called "She Lies." It appears to be floating, but actually sits on a platform and can be moved by the wind and the tides.  I think it's perfect for the location.

As the sun disappeared and darkness came, the Opera House came alive with light. This is the entrance for the public.

The street lights on the sidewalk across the water from the Opera are very special also.  The light is shone through stencil-like grids to make patterns on the sidewalk.

If you're ever in town, I recommend giving the Opera House (spelled Operaen in Norwegian) a visit. We hope to take in an opera or two while we are living here, but whether you do that or not, climbing to the roof is worth the mild cardio workout it takes.

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