Thursday, October 30, 2014

Taking the Ferry to Nesodden

On a overcast but balmy Fall Sunday afternoon, Sten suggested we take a ferry to Nesodden, the peninsula in the southeast of Oslofjord, directly across from Bygdøy where we live. We had been told there wasn't anything particular there to see where the ferry comes in (I'm assuming that meant museums and such), but we decided to go for the ride anyway.  With our month bus passes, the fare is just 20 Nkr (about 3 dollars), and the ferry goes back and forth every half hour during the day.

Though you can sit inside and look out the windows, Sten always prefers to be outside if possible.

As you can see, it was a rather dark, slightly ominous sky when we left.

Here we are passing a lighthouse and small island along the way.  I think the hytte (cabins) painted red are beautiful.

And here, we are sailing into the dock at Nesodden.  The Norwegian coastline is very rocky, with not many sandy beaches.  Several large buses were waiting to take people from the ferry to places farther away, but we decided to explore where we could go on foot.

First we took the road to the right.  There were many private driveways along either side, but then we saw a sign pointing to a pubic access.   

This beautiful red little cabin came into view, and we followed the public road down to the shore across from it.

There was a bench on the rocks and a wooden table with some chestnuts on it.  Someone had spelled the Norwegian word for "chestnut."  I couldn't resist rearranging the nuts to spell something else.

Next we decided to take the road from the dock going to the left. Again, lots of private driveways  to houses and cabins, and then we saw another public access to the coast (not for cars, just for people on foot).  There was a picnic table and the most beautiful, peaceful spot to enjoy.

We just relaxed, watched the boats go by, and enjoyed the sun coming out for a little while.

This family of three was fun to watch.  The parents are on the paddle boards, and their child is lying between the legs of the dad on his board.

Time to head back to the ferry and life in Oslo.  As we came into the harbor, the sun made the buildings glow for a few minutes.

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